AREC is thrilled to have Dr Lindy Price join the AREC team for rehabilitation.

Lindy is studying Canine Rehabilitation and is excited about the opportunities for animal physiotherapy in the Newcastle and Hunter regions. Rehabilitation is part of routine orthopaedic procedures in the human realm, and the same benefits exist for pets undergoing orthopaedic surgery. As part of her studies, Dr Lindy Price also visited the University of Tennessee, USA in 2016. (See pictures)


Rehabilitation techniques can reduce the time your pet is recovering from surgery and get them back on their feet sooner. Rehab can also significantly reduce pain in the immediate post-operative period.

Rehab can also benefit chronic conditions like osteoarthritis. Strengthening and stretching certain muscle groups can improve mobility and reduce the discomfort pets experience in their day to day lives. Paired with some newer treatments like stem cell therapy, rehab can provide a much improved quality of life for your pet.

Diseases that are routinely managed on long term pain relief, such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, cruciate injuries benefit greatly, and in some cases, medication may be significantly reduced.

Part of animal rehabilitation also includes helping patients with neurologic or nerve injuries. Patients that are recovering from spinal surgery are encouraged to walk again with special exercises and gait patterning. Rehab techniques can also be really beneficial for patients that choose not to go for surgery. Whenever a dog or cat injures one limb, they have three others that can compensate, but in doing so, they twist their spine and can put forces on their good legs that can predispose to injury. Rehab can strengthen the injured body parts and avoid compensatory injuries.

Rehabilitation services also include custom splint manufacture for diseases involving ligaments or joint contracture. New Life Vet is teaming up with a prosthetist in the USA to custom fit and design splints for your pet's needs.

If you have any questions regarding rehabilitation for your pet, please do not hesitate to phone and Lindy would be only too happy to discuss a range of rehabilitation options to meet your needs.


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